We Went to Huntington Beach to Visit Adam! It was really fun to go visit with Adam and see where he has been living. Taiten and Brycen were so Excited to see Uncle Adam. It was also Grandpa Dyet's first time seeing his son in a very long time, so it was really great being able to bring everyone together! Huntington beach is a great beach for Surfing, the waves are Fabulous! On the flip side it is pretty windy so it was a lot cooler because of the wind factor. It was a wonderful day at any rate!

We Loved. loved going to Santa Monica to the Beach and the Pier!! It was soooo beautiful!! The sand was perfect and it was sooo warm and nice! We had soooo much fun here, wish we could have stayed longer!

We had a Blast at DisneyLand the Weather was perfect not too hot or cold! It was great to have Grandpa Dyet come and have this Memory with the boys! Taiten is already talking about going back for his Birthday in December....He just thinks it is as easy as Magic! The Fireworks at the end of the evening were AMAZING!!! They put together a really nice show!

Here are just a few of the rides that we went on. Taiten's favorite ride was Peter Pan! It was a really cute ride I think we all liked it! The boys really enjoyed every ride for the most part, Tait did not want to do Pirates of the Carriabean at first but Loved it after! They both loved having Grandpa Dyet come too! They both took turns riding with Grandpa!

You can go to Disney Land and pass up It's A Small World!! The boys thought it was so cool! However Jon & I had that song stuck in our head the whole day!! We should have saved it for our last ride!

We all had a Blast in toontown, the boys Loved, loved seeing all the Disney Charters!!

We all really like the Nemo Submarine ride!! We had to wait for 40 mins but it was well worth it....it was pretty Amazing!!

This Was Brycen's Very Favorite Ride! He had sooo much fun driving his car....a little crazy too, good thing he can't drive yet:)